AR-130 residential elevator



Our most popular elevator model and the most economical too, offering excellent value for money.

This closed-shaft elevator is one of the smallest on the market and therefore takes up less space in your home or business. You can select a finish for the cabin (floor, walls and ceiling inside the elevator) or doors to compliment your décor.


Variable. Contact us for your personnalized quotation.

Delivery time

From 4 to 6 weeks following plan approval.

Installation time

About 3 days.


Additional equipment information

Technical specifications
Maximum capacity: one person in a wheelchair and one helper
Maximum load: 340 kg (750 lb)
Drive type: steel cable on winding drum
Motor: DC, 24 volts
Nominal speed: 0.12 m/s (24 ft/m)
Maximum travel, B355: 7,000 mm (276 in)
Maximum travel, B613: 7,000 mm (432 in)
Brakes: speed governor and parachute types brakes
Smooth start and stop
CSA LR45147 certification
Special features
Industrial grade Télémécanique controller and panel
Smooth operation
Anti-skid floor surface or client finish
Installation in shafts with limited space
Applicable standard
CSA/B613-00 & CSA/B355-09
Equipment category
Interior lifting platform
Vertical, closed shaft

Type of vehicle
Residential or commercial elevator for:
One person in a wheelchair
Floor dimensions:
860 mm x 1,370 mm (34 in x 54 in)
One person in a wheelchair and one helper
Floor dimensions:
860 mm x 1,520 mm (34 in x 60 in)
Maximum floor dimensions:
1067 mm x 1,676 mm (42 in x 66 in)