Wheelchair Platform Lifts: the Home Accessibility Solution

Designed to be installed outside, our platform wheelchair lifts are a practical, simple and easy way to access your home or business. They are often a better option than an access ramp, as they take up less space, require less maintenance (no shovelling!), are easy to use and are suitable for everyone. This makes them the best solution when an excessively long access ramp is required.

Built in Quebec, our Vista and Vista Mobile models can withstand our climate, temperature swings, frost, thaw, snow and ice! They are solidly built!

Indoor platform lift

Need a residential or commercial wheelchair platform lift to use indoors? The AC 105 is designed specifically for that purpose. It lets you go up and down interior stairs without having to transfer seats. Perfect for individuals with disabilities who use a wheelchair, the inclined platform lift can accommodate all types of wheelchairs.

Whether for indoor or outdoor use, a vertical platform lift is designed to be a piece of cost-effective and safe mobility equipment for anyone using a wheelchair. All models are equipped with a security system that includes an emergency stop button and obstacle sensors.

Types of platform lifts available

Vista Mobile platform lift

Residential • Commercial
Mobile…mobility assistance!
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AC-105 platform lift

Residential • Commercial
A platform lift installed on a staircase.
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Vista 355 platform lift

Makes any public place easy to access.
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Vista 613 platform lift

The best solution for accessing your home from outside.
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