Elvor commercial elevator



This elevator has the same features as the AR-135 model (hydraulic residential elevator), but meets CSA B 355 commercial standards. It can therefore be installed in any public building. Sturdy, reliable and quiet, this elevator meets the needs of any business owner who wants to make the business accessible to all clients.


Variable. Contact us for your personnalized quotation.

Delivery time

From 4 to 6 weeks following plan approval.

Installation time

From 4 to 5 days.


Additional equipment information

Maximum capacity: one person in a wheelchair and one helper Maximum load: 340 kg (750 lb) Drive type: cable-assisted hydraulic Motor: AC, 120 volts Nominal speed: 0.12 m/s (24 ft/m) Maximum travel: 7,000 mm (276 in) Brakes: parachute type Emergency lighting Controller CSA LR45147 certification Special features Industrial Télémécanique controller and panel Stronger (Delrin) bearings Anti-skid floor surface QUICK DELIVERY FAST INSTALLATION PERSONALIZED INTERIOR Ideal for half-cabs Applicable standard CSA/B355-09 Equipment category Interior residential elevator Vertical, closed shaft Type of vehicle One person in a wheelchair Floor dimensions: 860 mm x 1,370 mm (34 in x 54 in) One person in a wheelchair and one helper Floor dimensions: 860 mm x 1,520 mm (34 in x 60 in) Maximum floor dimensions: 915 mm x 1,525 mm (36 in x 60 in)