Stairlifts for Seniors and Limited Mobility Individuals

A stairlift, one of the most popular lifts available, is one of the best ways to prevent falls, especially in the home. Seniors with limited mobility, health issues or those dependent on a wheelchair particularly favour home stairlifts. These lifts fully enable those who desire to stay independent in their own homes to do so for a longer period. Installed within half a day, a stairlift is an affordable, elegant and easy solution for going up and down the stairs.

A battery system allows the stairlift to function even when there’s a power outage. Safety features like swivelling seats and safety sensors and other features like remote controls and folding rails make every stairlift a safe and practical tool for limited mobility individuals.

Stairlifts are also available in commercial models. Stairlifts are as perfectly suited for a business, community hall or any other public building, as they are for use in private homes. Every electric stairlift model comes with a 30‑month part and labour warranty, and a lifetime warranty covers the entire motor assembly.

Available stairlift models

Curved stairlift

Residential • Commercial
Our special, custom-made model for curved stairs.
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Starla stairlift

Residential • Commercial
Our more luxurious model that offers a variety of features.
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Siena stairlift

Residential • Commercial
Our most popular model, high-quality at an affordable price.
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Brown stairlift

Residential • Commercial
Our basic model with a focus on safety and is easy to use.
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Our commercial and institutional models

The Siena, Starla and Curved (260) models offer the safety and high quality you love in a commercial version. This means that the above lifts comply with standard CSA B‑355, lifts for persons with physical disabilities. Each stairlift comes with a certificate of conformity from the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec, and your installation will include a strict maintenance schedule. You can rest assured that your stairlift complies with regulations and that your installation is safe in all respects.

Pricing: Straight commercial chair lifts start at $5,500, installation and taxes included.

Delivery Time: For in-stock, straight commercial chairs, allow 1 to 2 weeks delivery and installation. For our custom-made curved stairlifts, allow 4 to 8 weeks.

Installation Time: Installation of our lifts average approximately 5 hours for a straight staircase and 8 hours for a curved staircase. The same is true for in-home installations.

Frequently asked questions

What if I have a curved staircase or multi-landing stairwell?

We provide custom-made stairlifts for homes and buildings with curved staircases or multi-level stairwells, ensuring a perfect fit, optimal accessibility, and overall safety.

Are stairlifts a good option for people with low mobility?

Yes. People with low mobility are ideal candidates for stairlifts, making multi-level homes and building easily accessible.

Can I use a stairlift if I am in a wheelchair?

Yes. If you have a safe and secure way of transferring from your wheelchair to the chair lift, this is a viable option for you.

Which features are standard for stairlifts, and which are extra?

Our stairlifts come with the appropriate retractable rail and necessary hardware, as well as remotes at both the base and top of the rail. All chairs are designed with comfort and safety in mind, with a remote on the armrest that allows the chair to move up and down as needed. Additional features are available at a cost, such as specific fabric, colours and retractable footrest.

Can I have confidence in the quality of the stairlift?

Absolutely! Our products are made with high-quality materials and built with ease of use and safety in mind.

Can I get a free quote without obligation to buy?

Yes. We are pleased to provide you with a free quote with no pressure to buy. We are committed to helping you make the best purchase for your personal mobility needs.

We are dedicated to making sure your chair lift is the right fit, has the right features, and provides the proper mobility based on your needs and your friends, family members, or clients' needs. Do not hesitate to call us for general pricing and information, a custom quote, service options, safety practices, or simply to say hello! Our professional team is ready to help make your life easier.