Siena stairlift



Our most popular model, offering unbeatable value for money.

Everything on this chair folds to make room on the staircase. With a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty on the entire gear motor assembly, this stairlift comes in many colours.

We can also make a seat cover to your taste so that the chair matches the décor in your home or business.


Variable. Contact us for your personnalized quotation.

Delivery time

Always in stock. Allow about 1 week, but can be installed faster in an emergency.

Installation time

About 5 hours.


Additional equipment information

Maximum capacity: 165 kg (360 lb)
Interchangeable armrests: yes
Speed: 0.09 m/s (18 ft/m)
Power: 24VDC battery
Drive system: rack and pinion
Motorized folding footrest
Folding seat and armrests
Maximum travel: 35,000 mm (114 ft)
Maximum inclination: 24° to 52°

Specific features
12” wide when seat is folded
Swivels 80° at top of stairs
Can swivel 90° at bottom of stairs with two-way option
Motorized footrest included
Motorized seat swivel action optional
Motorized retractable rail optional
More colour and finish options available
High-end captain’s seat optional