Should You Install a Chair Lift or an Elevator?

Elderly person deciding between a stair chair or an elevator

3 Things to Consider When Choosing Between a Chair Lift or an Elevator Should you install a chair lift or an elevator? Which mobility aid will work best for your needs? This is not a decision you should make lightly. You must carefully consider which mobility aid is ideal for your personal situation. Which option … Read more

How to Choose the Right Care for Your Aging Parents

Choose the Right Care for Your Aging Parents: Nursing Home, CHSLD, or Home-Support Services There comes a time when hard decisions need to be made. If your parents are beginning to lose their autonomy, you would perhaps like them to stay at home, but you wonder if living in a nursing home or a CHSLD … Read more

The Chairlift, a Solution to Help Elderly People’s Mobility

to help people’s mobility

For the elderly population, being autonomous at home is of capital importance. Keeping one’s independence is beneficial for physical health as much as for mental health. While wanting to help our dear elderly people keep their autonomy, we need to ensure their safety. It goes without saying that the staircase is a strategic area in … Read more